Agent of Intuition

Josie Morway, Agent of Intuition, specializes in identity design, signage, web design, and in passionately employing all six senses to bring balance, clarity, and that undefinable something to her design work. Josie is often called upon to act as the bridge between web designers and developers, due to her extensive experience in both. For more than ten years, Josie’s work as a designer has been diverse, with clients including the United Way, Blackwell Publishing, the Greater Boston YMCA, and artists and independent businesses. 
In her other life as a large-scale painter, Josie has shown her artwork widely, from the deCordova Museum in Massachusetts to the streets of Juarez, Mexico. Josie enjoys flexing her fine art muscles for Schwadesign clients by offering custom illustration and hand-painted signage. In her free time she enjoys crazy endurance sports, experimental cartography, scraping superfluous apostrophes off of signs, herding cats, running a mobile organic juice business, and generally overdoing it.
Since earning a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, Josie has lived, worked, and followed her gut in Providence.


Providence, RI &
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]
401 427 0270