Highlander Charter School and Dunn Institute


Academic theory and practice come together in the Highlander Charter School, an institution that includes the previously independent Dunn research institute. Add in a third element, Schwadesign, and the merger is complete with renewed visual consistency. 


After touring the school, we conducted primary research with the board, parents, faculty members, and students – all to better understand the unique character of the school. Then we rolled out changes and began charting the impact: changing the name from CVS Highlander to Highlander Charter School broadened fundraising. Dual logos and identity systems helped the Dunn Institute and Highlander Charter School better communicate their partnership. Paired CMS-driven websites facilitated ongoing maintenance and growth, much like the areas of focus for educators everywhere.


Market research & analysis, interviews & constituent profiles, content strategy, rebrand, two taglines, print collateral, print supervision, website design & development for two sites, CMS orientation & user manual.

See recognition from REBRAND and before and after states of the identity.

Additional project support from Chris Parrish, Neal Fassnacht, Sam Costello, and Anna Macgregor Robin.


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San Francisco, CA
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