Our methodology is a continuum with six steps.
We begin where you are in the process.

What does success look like?

Our first step is to define the scope. Fundamental questions are asked: What needs to be understood, and by whom? What makes your story unique? What are your metrics? After investigating answers, our team establishes deliverables and milestones.

What works, what doesn’t?

Existing communications materials are assessed and discussed. We clarify and prototype the audience: What motivates them? What are their needs? How do we convey the right message to resonate with them? Does anything like this exist, and what can we learn from it? After investigating your industry context — and identifying your strengths and challenges — we begin the content strategy.

How will we get there?

Several approaches are developed to meet your needs and achieve your goals, based on findings from previous stages. During this phase, we determine the best method of implementing the most appropriate design solution.

The solution to the defined problem.

We discuss the conceptual solution, and iterate with your feedback. After refinement and approval, we produce your artifacts. 

On time and on budget.

Our quality assurance, attention to detail, and team of trusted vendors and partners ensure production and delivery are as smooth as the rest of the process.

Measure, assess, improve.

We assess the project, its results, and our relationship. Then we begin planning for the next phase of achieving your goals.


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