Peter Roux


Activate the edges and you bring what’s between them to life. That’s what Degas showed us.  And if you can’t understand it, you’re not close enough. That’s what Robert Capa showed us. All that and so much more is what painter and RISD instructor Peter Roux shows us, too – and Schwa developed the branding and website that helps show him to the world. 


We embraced Peter's artistic vision: landscapes are not only what we see, but also what lies beyond the edges we can't see. This uncompromising insight drove bold new print collateral that demands attention and interaction with the mind’s eye – much like the work of the artist himself.  


Rebrand, business papers, print supervision, website design & development, CMS orientation & user manual. 

“I no longer have an identity crisis.”— Peter Roux


Providence, RI &
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]
401 427 0270