Take your most enduring friendship – and imagine taking that friend through video storyboarding, rebranding (twice!), and intensive workshops to explore national scaling. That friend is the Providence After School Alliance. Over more than half a dozen years, that’s how Schwa continues to partner with PASA, our longest ongoing active client. From brand bibles to recruitment workshops, there’s nothing we haven’t touched, and their success is testament to the strength of our partnership. 


Whether it was building atop a board-approved strategy or creating one with them, we've helped PASA grow by defining and documenting dozens of design artifacts and touchpoints for educators, program providers, staff, parents, middle school, and high school students to engage with the brand. Our work facilitates audience-specific recruitment strategies for PASA’s programs, including The HUB, their high school initiative. We corralled and collaborated with 10 teenagers every Friday for five weeks to workshop the HUB's logo in a student-driven process captured in this documentary. More recently, we took PASA through a website redesign process to address user experience through a more incisive information architecture and brand-appropriate content. 


Market research & analysis, rebrand, identity workshop facilitation, business papers, promotional collateral, website design & development, CMS orientation & user manual, video storyboarding and concepting, video production, transit ads.

Additional project support from Jori Ketten, Briana Masterson, and Vinny Bucchino.

“Through several incarnations of our website and collateral, one thing has remained constant: Schwadesign’s dedication – whether it be to detail, service, or turnaround.”— Hillary Salmons, Executive Director, Providence After School Alliance


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