Trinity Pharma


Trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Of course you are. That’s branding 101 in every industry. Trinity Pharma approached Schwadesign with that need and something much bigger. How do you crystallize brand equity while allowing – and even fostering – opportunities for new products? 

Make it more complex, we asked the SVP. Can the rebranding launch a new mobile platform? And can it speak to employees, too? What if the rebranding was so comprehensive that it could revitalize and energize the company in the midst of an expansion and relocation? That’s a challenge, demanding trust, partnership, guidance, and good counsel. And that’s exactly what we delivered.


Working closely with our client team, Schwadesign gathered an in-depth understanding of the company, its strategic opportunity, and product roadmap. This research helped us identify new opportunities to engage the target audience – opportunities that offered visual cues to inspire the new identity, iconography, and corporate nomenclature system. Finally, we helped the sales staff give life to the company’s investment, with new sales tools and a pitch deck that brought it all together. The ROI? Their enthusiasm… a four-fold increase in sales calls, and an astounding 375% increase in unique site visitors per day, within two weeks of launch. See recognition from REBRAND (2013) and before and after states of the identity. 


Market research & analysis, content strategy, content co-authorship, rebrand, product name, business papers, pitch deck, infographics, website design & development, CMS orientation & user manual, analytics & refiment of PR, SEO, and SEM (in partnership with Corey Machanic and Ink House). 

Additional project support from Briana Masterson and Jamie Slater.

“We got big-firm experience with small-firm service. 
At every step of the project, Josh’s team exceeded our expectations and did an amazing job. Phenomenal!”— Zack King, SVP and General Manager, Trinity Pharma


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