Harvard Medical School System Biology Ph.D. Program


When you’re the best and the brightest, you can go anywhere – and that’s the challenge Harvard Medical School found in attracting competitive doctoral candidates and investment partners to its groundbreaking, interdisciplinary Systems Biology PhD program. Schwadesign went to the core of the problem, and deep into cellular structure, to highlight the opportunities and cell-like facets that make the program unique through new visual branding.


You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand systems biology, but you do need to appreciate the overlap of Harvard’s Medical School disciplines to understand how the Systems Biology program creates a new type of researcher. Partnering with our client, we explored the visual language of cell structure to explain how candidates construct flexible, self-defined programs of study. After developing the brand through content, print collateral, ads, and new photography, we redesigned the website to maintain a consistent look-and-feel with a more powerful content management system. 

See recognition from REBRAND and before and after states of the identity.


Rebrand strategy, content development, ads, poster, flyer, photography, CMS-backed website.

Additional project support from Kristen Paulson, Matt Welch, and SquareFactor.

“The response to our materials has been extremely positive. You helped us stand out and present our work in an engaging way. ”— Samantha Reed, Harvard Medical School SysBio program


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