JRI Meadowridge Schools


The Meadowridge Schools are a complex of six distinct residential education and treatment centers, and hub of the Justice Resource Institute. Offering compassionate care and empowering services to a spectrum of individuals, JRI turned to Schwadesign for branding support that would deliver what they provide to others.


After research with school leadership and individual students, Schwa began the process of developing a unifying theme and six sub-brands for Meadowridge. We brought the schools to life by commissioning custom photography and developing coordinating palettes of color, typography, and content. Building on a unifying content strategy survey, we co-authored all content with program directors and developed the site through governance, with full CMS training and support.


Content strategy, content authoring & editing, website design & development for six sites, CMS orientation & user manual.

Victor School

Meadowridge Academy

Pelham Academy

Swansea Wood School

Walden Street School

Berkshire Meadows

Additional project support from Karen Philippi and Briana Masterson. 


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