JRI Realize Resources


The former Center for Training and Professional Development asked us to consider their brand, a mouthful that summarized their extensive array of services. Schwadesign zeroed in on the organization’s unique mission and focus around helping others build capacity – and a new name and rallying cry was born.  


Working closely with client stakeholders, Schwa assessed the mission, depth, and breadth of the organization and its parent company, Justice Resource Institute. We brought our findings into a values and vision exercise to inform the new name, tagline, and positioning – all elements that helped inspire the new content strategy as well. Finally, we extended the new brand through print collateral, a new web presence, and event marketing. 


Market research & analysis, rebrand, company name & tagline, content strategy, business papers, promotional collateral, print collateral, event marketing, website design & development, CMS orientation & user manual. 


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