Blue Man Group Making Waves


It’s “plotless, wordless, and devoid of human emotions,” according to the New York Times. And apparently perfect for children – or at least that was the challenge Blue Man Group posed to Schwadesign. In partnership with B+B Design, we extended Blue Man Group's "Tubes" performance experience into a children's exhibit, touring museums across the country. From a nuanced graphic language to a full learning experience, no marshmallows were harmed in the process. 


Catching the performance’s trademark tribal beat, we spun an exhibit identity that could keep the music coming. Schwa customized topically relevant typefaces to form a lyrical unicase. Then, we took cues from the emphatic style of live performance to respond with an equally percussive color system: bold hues demand attention on dark backgrounds. The elements build to a crescendo as exhibit graphic design and print collateral come together in one experience, for parents and kids, to explore the science and fun of making sound.


Strategy, rebrand, custom typography, exhibit graphics in two languages, installation manual, promotional collateral.

Additional project support from Siriporn Siriwangsanti.


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