AIDS Action Committee


Lifesaving communication is clear, complete, and accessible – and core to Schwadesign’s work with with the AIDS Action Committee. Their hotlines helped the community learn more about HIV and Hepatitis C, but only if callers could first wade through complex explanatory content. We worked to let truly important content reach the people who needed it most.


The clarity of the 1970s Signs and Symbols Project remains relevant to clear communication, especially in the context of difficult topics. To mirror the hotline’s frank talk, we drew on this system to establish a new and concrete visual language that would speak well to multilingual audiences, and extended it for the first time to the context of Hepatitis C. The visual identity system worked seamlessly across collateral, sizes, and reading orientations – and more importantly, it worked well across the diverse populations who needed to understand it.


Market research & analysis, interviews & constituent profiles, testing & focus groups, rebrand, promotional collateral (t-shirts, banner, stickers, buttons), business papers, video PSAs, vendor management.

Additional project support from Matt Welch and Jim Kenney.

“Each time we hire Schwa, I know it will be pleasant, productive, and practical.”— Tammy Goodhue, Former Associate Director for Public Education, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts


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