360 NeuroMuscular Therapy


Whether you’re expanding a business beyond its core product or building a brand beyond its sole proprietor, evolving a business entails more than just a new logo. Constant movement is both a fact and a challenge, and no one knows that better than a bodyworker. For more than a decade, Katie Adams had been practicing neuromuscular therapy under her own name. She approached Schwa for advice to evolve her business – in name, concept, and services – while always moving and maintaining a personal touch. 


Focusing first on business consulting, Schwa partnered with Katie to explore the market landscape and identify opportunities for growth. We helped the sole practitioner through hiring staff and increasing service offerings, conscious of the demands of an evolving business. Her work in uninhibited movement inspired a new logomark that depicts an all-encompassing view of neuromuscular therapy: integrated and unconstrained. As Katie’s business develops additional services, her branding can grow to allow sub-brands to evolve alongside it. See recognition from REBRAND and before and after states of the identity.


Market research & analysis, business consulting, rebrand, company name & tagline, business papers, promotional collateral, print supervision, product design & packaging, office signage, telephone number recommendation.

Additional project support from Keith Hopper, Matt Welch, Kristen Paulson, and Janell Francois.

“Working with the Schwa team helped me expand my business with confidence! The design reflects my career journey, and I absolutely love it. I am so fortunate to have such a balanced foundation.”— Katie Adams, President, 360 NMT


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